Tree care is an essential step to be followed to take care of trees, but when they get infected with tree disease then there is no choice left but to remove them. Tree removal is a dangerous job and requires a lot of expertise and knowledge of tree biology, tools, and techniques. It can be dangerous if you try to do tree removal yourself, you can get hurt by falling tree legs or malfunctioning of equipment.  There are many dangers involved in tree removal.

So many people and so many homeowners see a tree in their yard that is having major issues, and they immediately think they can attempt tree removal on their own. It is very easy to think that tree removal is a simple task that anyone can perform. It can seem like a relatively easy process, but the problem is there are often many complications that arise during a tree removal. So what might seem like an easy task, once you have a few complications things can become very difficult and even dangerous. And many times once these complications arise it might be too late to fix the problem, which can result in damage or even harm to the people involved. An example of a company that performs tree removal is Aardvark Tree Service, and they have decades of experience in proper and safe tree removal processes. Hiring a true professional company is always advisable.

Some of the many complications that can become an issue during tree removal are as follows:

  • Electricity lines: It is dangerous to work between high-voltage electricity lines. Any small mistake which can cause your tool or tree to touch these line can result in high power electricity hurting you badly. Even though the electric wires are covered with weatherproofing insulation, but you can still get electrocuted if nearing them by mistake.
  • Improper tools: Your devices or tools being used should be in good conditions.  Always avoid rusted or broken tools.  They are less efficient and can also cause an accident while cutting down the tree. It is good to take help of a tree care expert as they are trained on using such tools and dealing with trees. You might not have complete knowledge about the use of tools but they all know it the best.
  • Decaying: A dead tree generally has decay in them from the inside, which makes the tree weak and unstable. You should always use a professional help when you get to know about the decay starting in your tree. The professional will use machines like cranes, to eliminate such unnecessary trees. There are many scientific ways of removing decayed trees which the expert will know.
  • Earth Gravity:  It is another danger while removing a tree. When the tree is completely cut, and it starts falling, you will not have any control over where it falls off. It might not get down as you will expect and can damage your or your neighbor’s property.


So it is always best to never attempt tree removal on your own, as it is just not worth the money that you can save when compared to the potential damage that can result. So take the advice of professionals and hire a tree removal company that has training and experience to properly handle such a potentially dangerous project! It is always well worth the extra money that you will spend, and you can never put a price on peace of mind, right?

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