A tree crown is an upper part of a tree, which has branches which grows from the main trunk.  They support the leaves to stay attached to the tree and to be used for photosynthesis process.  All trees do have a crown but their types vary from tree to tree. A dominant crown can reach to other plants neighboring the tree.  These crowns are considered to be stronger and they help leave to catch direct sunlight by lifting them upward and outward.

The tree crown which is co-dominant will share a contact with sunlight with another tree. They receive sunlight only at the tips of the branch due to which tree lacks sunlight and doesn’t grow at its potential fully. They make up forest’s part as a canopy, to fill in the small area between large crowns of other dominant branches.

These tree with co-dominant crowns do not get enough sunlight to make their food properly.  This deficiency results in lack of good nutrients value and affects their growth in long run.  Due to this, they start getting suffered from various tree diseases and tree problems, like broken branches, unhealthy tree leaves, etc. and they start falling.

Tree trimming and tree pruning is the best way to tree this deficiency.  A professional arborist will help you in cutting down the branches which are restricted sunlight to other branches of the tree.  Once the co-dominant tree crown will start getting enough sunlight, then they will start become healthier. Shaded tree branches grow slowly as compared to there parts which are in full sunlight.

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