Every homeowner has to go through dealing with these dead spots and bare patches in your lawn, time to time. Even though you take a better care of your lawn, but a time will come when it needs a repair, sooner or later. Animals, poor soil conditions, and soil infections can cause dead patches in your lawn.  They look like brown, dead spots which have no or minimal growth of lawn grass. They are not difficult to fix.

Your lawn grass always needs an aerated soil which can hold moisture to drain excessive water in it. You should aerate the whole lawn, even though there are only a couple of dead areas in your lawn.  This can improvise the complete health of your lawn turf.  Aerating can easily pull out small plugs from the soil. These holes can help water to go deep into the soil.

Poor soil condition is one of the main reason for getting dead patches in your lawn. Composting your lawn regularly is the best solution to give nutrients to your grass and improve their quality.  It can add the organic material which can improve the soil structure. You can slow release of nutrients to the soil, which is helpful for the soil.

The dead spots need to be seeded in your lawn to harvest new progress. Softly spread seed in the recently arranged uncovered zones, yet in addition investigate the general garden. On the off chance that the grass appears to be thin or scanty, you may need to overseed all around. You should water completely to the lawn after reseeding. And, then gradually you can start decreasing the watering frequency.

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