Lawn Cutting is probably the most important feature of great lawn care. Mowing and cutting your lawn is really the most important of all lawn care tasks. I know that proper watering, fertilizing and weed control are all factors that contribute to healthy turf, but if you don’t cut it correctly, none of those will matter. If you have recently had your lawn re-sodded it’s best to wait ten days to two weeks before you cut your new sod. This time will give the roots a chance to take and of course the grass to grow.

With that in mind, here are some basic, but very important lawn care tips in regards to lawn cutting.

  • Mowing Height
  • Sharp Blade
  • Weekly Mowing a Must

Now that you have resolved to mow your lawn as tall as possible, we need to ensure your mower blade is in good working order and that starts with its sharpness. A dull blade will not give you a clean cut, thus ripping grass blades, turning them brown. The lawn mowing tips is the actual cutting and mowing height. This one is by far the most important. If you cut the grass too short, you remove too much of the grass blade’s surface, thus disturbing the process of photosynthesis.

Cutting more than a third of the blade severely shocks the plant and harms its ability to support its own root growth. This is because the roots shut down their growth process while the leaves and shoots of grass are re-growing. An established lawn should be cut on a regular basis. Once per week is usually good. During the spring and fall it may be wise to cut it more often and during the hot summer months it may not need it so often, it’s best to spare the grass the trauma if doesn’t really need it, especially in hot, dry weather.

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