Your home’s lawn is a great place where you can spend a lot of fun time with your family and friends.  It is very important to maintain your lawn to keep them look beautiful and attractive. Lawn cutting is an essential way of keeping your lawn look great. Mowing is the most important task for your lawn care. There are many other things like watering and fertilizing your lawn trees and plants, contribute to your lawn’s health.

Mowing is the most fundamental task to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.  Mowing is not a simple work and you need to take care of many aspects while mowing your lawn.  You should care about the grass height, frequency, and what type of mower should be used.

Before starting mowing your lawn, it is important that you make sure that mower blade is sharp enough to get a clean cut. You should not mow the lawn grass too short that it will disturb the photosynthesis process.  You should not cut plants more than one third which can hurt their ability to support root growth.

The grass should get mowed in every three to four days in spring and in seven to ten days in summer. Remember that too much grass removal will make plants unable to make enough food and will stop their growth.  You should properly check your lawn for large rocks or other debris prior to mowing. You should keep on changing the mowing direction at a regular frequency.   Grass has a habit of leaning in the trend they are cut.

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