Trees are also prone to diseases and require a proper treatment. It gets difficult to identify diseases in tree because the cause of them are microbial organisms and they spread by microscopic growth and spores. Infectious tree diseases – those diseases that involve not only a tree host, but also an infectious pathogen such as certain fungi, bacteria, nematodes, phytoplasmas or viruses – are among the most vexing maladies that we deal with.

Trees and woods are crucial. They provide homes for wildlife, clean air and water, food and fuel. But they’re under threat. A proper tree care should be taken to cure them from these diseases. Tree diseases can affect any part of the tree, including the tree as whole. For example, we have leaf spot, leaf blotch, needle cast, scab and blister, defoliation and yellowing or chlorosis as named symptoms.

Correct diagnosis is the foremost important step in developing and applying a correct treatment, which allows us to address the problem and find a reliable solution, permanently. The important symptoms and characteristics of individual trees can be found in the trees.  Apart from tree diseases that affect the leaves, trees can also be affected by pests, fungi diseases and other damages.

Insects like mites, ants and aphids damage trees because of their invasive habits. It is important that a garden pest infestation is treated as quickly as possible. Regular inspection and maintenance will improve the appearance of your trees and landscaping, which increases the curb appeal and value of your home or business.

Tree diseases should be treated well in time to prevent it from spreading all over.  A professional tree specialist’s help should be taken to treat sick trees.  If tree diseases are not treated in time, they can lead to cutting down the trees and cost you more than the treatment.

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